parcel, 1200㎡, Acharnes (Menidi), Lathea



Acharnes (Menidi), Lathea – Parcel 1200sqm building factor 0.6, coverage surface factor 0.5, frontage 6, depth 156, land usage γενικής κατοικίας, slope plane, view mountain, facade, for general use, commercial, under accession, integral, access from dirt road, νuisance category mέση όχληση, investment property, agricultulal use, nearby market (up to 1000m), nearby park (up to 200m), nearby super market (up to 100m), nearby αττική οδός (up to 1500μ), nearby bank (up to 1000m), nearby hospital (up to 3000m), nearby school (up to 500m), nearby bus stop (up to 100m).
Price €40.000 (code. 23466) Invest Greece Real Estate

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