office, 151㎡, Historical Centre



Historical Centre – Office 151sqm rooms 1, 3rd, construction status very good, year built 1975, kitchen, wc 2, heating type: central, air condition, exposure, luminous, in corner, view sidewalk, open space, structured office space, furred ceiling, structured wiring, ceiling height 2, elevator, frames aluminium, reclining windows, flooring type ceramic tiles, alarm, staircase type σφηνοειδές, special offer, nearby bus stop (up to 200m), nearby metro/train (up to 500m), nearby university/college (up to 1000m), nearby park (up to 500m), nearby entertainment (up to 100m), nearby market (up to 100m), nearby bank (up to 100m).
Price €300.000 (code. 865293) Invest Greece Real Estate

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